I Can See the Big Picture. It Looks Awesome!!

Hi, there!  I’m Ze, the guy under the big G who usually comes up with the cool ideas and get’s none of the credit.  I design for the web, for print, for you to wear, for you to profit, play or just because you need it. If you can think of it, I can probably design it. I wear many hats and they all fit me just fine even on my bad hair days.

My Advertising background influenced me to see design as complex communication strategies, not just pretty pictures. My Artistic side keeps telling me that pretty pictures communicate better… go figure. Truth is, good design increases sales and used right can be the most powerful communication and interaction tool. I’m all about using quality design to help my clients communicate effectively with their audience. I live for it.

I love the challenges that each different project brings to the table and I’ve yet to meet one which could not be won. Bring it on! I’ve helped hundreds of businesses from Fortune 500 to Mom and Pop corner stores achieve design goals, and plan to keep doing it. (with you?)  Are you ready? Give me a call now and let’s chat. Here’s my number – 866.423.5425  Looking forward to working with you!