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    Cool baby domain name service

    08 Jun 2011 in New Release

    In the future everyone will have their own website. Each one of these websites will need an address. What better way to have your own address then to have it be your own name. Recently Forbes Magazine came out with an article about how important is is to have your own name registered as a domain name, it’s very good stuff and you can read it here. We built this site on Joomla CMS, and the domain registration is made...

    Unique essay contest platform

    06 Apr 2011 in New Release

    We’re working on a few projects which we believe could come to close a gap between problems and solutions. One of these projects is called the “Essay Awards” – click here to visit the site – and we’re betting high school students will love this new platform. This kick-ass concept is very simple yet unique. We allow for anyone to start an essay contest and give away a monetary prize, or scholarship, to a contest winner. We also allow for...

    GAS launches the New

    04 Mar 2011 in New Release

    We are pleased to announce the launch the new website. Our client’s old website needed a serious redesign to accommodate, support and convert  the large number of daily visitors. We worked with Bill Howe in the design and custom development of a new online space that solidifies a leadership position held by the company. This was a complete and extensive project that encompassed custom design, Content management System integration, hundreds of content pages and a solid and ongoing Online...